Saturday, March 7, 2009

Resorting to Coffee

Many people who know me today would not classify me as a coffee drinker. I drink tea, I eat burritos, that is who I am. Coffee is not a part of my life. However, any of the people who knew me in high school know that i used to drink coffee all the time- my favorite: Almond Rocha Mocha or straight black.

In highschool a typical weekend night for me was spent at Shari's where we (my boyfriend at the time and a few or several of his friends) would stay there for at least 5 hours drinking coffee and chatting until the sun was thinking about rising then we would retreat to our beds until about 3 pm. One night, not so different than the one just described, I had an awful feeling in my stomach after my second cup of Shari's coffee, black. When I got home I spent the next two days in bed with stomach cramps and diarrhea and I vowed to never drink coffee again. It wasn't long after that when I broke my vow and was back to my regular almond rocha mocha's at school. It was glorious, I just had the stomach flu I told myself and coffee could never be the culprit of such horrible pain. Or so i told myself. But after every 16 ounce Almond Rocha Mocha I would have stomach cramps and the inevitible 'runny tummy'. This time I was a quitter.

I was feeling good when I got up, and enjoyed a healthy protein packed breakfast of eggs and fake sausage and my 'black n blue' whole wheat pancakes, a good afternoon work out at Curves and now I am ready for bed at 1 in the afternoon.

I thought the 12 hours of sleep i had wednesday night and 2 naps on thursday, plus the 12 hours of sleep I had last night would cure me of a never ending tiredness.That weekend in San Diego definitely must have been a doozy for me. Now, as I sit in my room needing to complete four term papers and fighting off sleep, I am resorting to folgers instant coffee with a tablespoon of vanilla syrup and a package of sugar (we have no creamer).

Hello old friend, don't kill my stomach please.

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