Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kids say the darndest things

Saturday night I went to celebrate my moms 60th birthday at a local Indian restaurant called India Palace. As a vegetarian, I really enjoy eating a wide variety of food from all different ethnicities, especially Indian, Thai and Mexican.

Those attending were my adult cousins Dar & Laura, my sister and her two sons Aspen 4, and Gabe 6 (almost 7), my moms best friend Sally, and myself and Kyle. Before we got served Gabe was unsure that he wanted to eat anything except some Garlic Naan. Then a couple people ordered the tandoori chicken which peaked Gabe's interest. As we were educating Gabriel on the importance of sharing (especially with Aspen) he offered me a bite of his chicken. So I had to decline and say that I dont eat meat, I am a vegetarian! This is how the dialogue followed:

Gabe: YOU'RE A VEGETARIAN?! *giggle giggle*
Me: Yes
Gabe: I eat meat only, sometimes vegetables! *giggle* That must make me a megetarian! *giggle*
Me: Actually that makes you an omnivore, if you only ate meat you would be a carnivore.
Gabe: What about cannibals?
Me: Cannibals eat humans, actually they eat each other like people eating people, hamsters eating hamsters, and so on.
Rachel: it's when one species eats its own species
Gabe: Why do some people only eat vegetables.
Me: [thinking how do you explain awfulness of factory farms to a 7 year old] well Gabe, some people really love vegetables, and some people don't like the way animals are treated in factory farms. Personally, I really love vegetables and I dont like the taste of meat!

Then Aspen proceeds to try and share his "chicky" with me. So I say, No Aspen, i think Chicky is gross.

While Gabe and I continue our conversation, Aspen runs behind the table and proceeds to spit out all his chewed up "chicky" on the floor behind us.

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