Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pets are my passion

First, I will apologize for not keeping my promise of updating daily- it will probably be more feasible to keep a weekly promise of updating. This is a busy time of year for me, especially because I've started a new job!

Second - you will probably see a lot of my pets in my photography. Layla, our dog is particularly difficult to get a good shot of - she seems to be a bit camera shy! Lots of colors have capitivated me today, the sky, the colors of my neice's knit cap, my mom's bright pink (faux) Christmas tree, my mom's cat Skippy's nose.
Today's photograph is of Suki, my flame point (color point shorthair) siamese, was sitting on the un-made bed, and i couldn't help notice how the afternoon light was making her glow. Our sheets are a light blue and almost an exact match for Suki's eye color and reflected beautifully. (You will also notice she is naturally cross eyed, giving a cover girl moment a bit of a twist).
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