Saturday, June 21, 2014

Green Moms Meet

I am one of those people always looking for a deal, always looking for FREE, and always looking for a sample of a product! I hate buying something and it is a complete flop - lately that could be anything from a baby product to my dogs food. Even that really expensive GOOD food he turns his nose up and for a whole month of feedings I sit there and hound him (see what I did there) to eat!

Back to samples! So a few weeks back, my friend Sarah invited me over to a sample party! This is where a company sends bulk samples and people come over to use them and give opinions. So the first party was for Beechnut baby foods- and let me tell you my little 13 month old toddler has a mind of her own when it comes to food, especially baby food and especially sauces. Moms (just Sarah and I- everyone flaked!) and babies alike dug into the food. After she graciously hosted and provided snacks she hooked me up with several jars and coupons to take home and try. My kind of day!

Today I got to go to ANOTHER sample party at Sarah's. This time cleaning products from Walgreens called Ology. I love me some green cleaning products, something safe around babies and pets, she demonstrated some product on her stove (great idea) and sent us home with laundry detergent samples. I decided I would sign up to also become an ambassador for Green Moms Meet in hopes to host my own sample parties for moms (I'll post pics of the sample parties soon) and write some reviews here! 
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