Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring cleaning never smelled so good!

Not once in my could I describe myself as "excited" to spring clean! In fact, I think I probably had the reverse effect of cleaning during my spring breaks as a student.

Today I received in the mail a glorious smelling package from BZZAgent.Com . Never heard of them? They are a great company i've had the pleasure of being an agent for since 2004. When you sign up for a campaign you're in for a real treat. I've received boxes of goodies, juice, apple crisp, beauty products, gum, you name it. Once you receive a box it's all about opening it up, trying and sharing the product, asking for feedback and reporting back to the website.

So, I was elated when I received my box of

Included in the box From Scrubbing Bubbles:
  1. can of mega shower foamer with Extend-A-Clean
  2. Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel
From Glade
  1. Spring Collection Candle, LE- Sparkle of Spring (lime/ Ginger/Vanilla) and OMG it smells good
  2. Plugins scented oil wamer Crisp Waters (it fits in my AIRWICK warmer!!)
  3. Pledge lemon Clean
And we're not talking "Sample" Sized products people! These are full sized bottles. Also included was a packet of coupons worth 58 dollars in savings. Since I can't wait to let my products do the elbow work, I'll post another update in a week (if not sooner!) for reviews on the products! And a photograph later on!
use code: BLES6830
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